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UIUX Case Study - Learning Management System


The client wanted to build a teaching, management, collaboration and communication platform for learners. The platform would combine all of the essential tools for teachers to manage their classes in one easy-to-use app. It would provide an education network that helps connect students with the right coaching classes that suits their choice of learning methods.

The idea of making the concept of L&B Learning Management System was supossed to help the teachers and students prepare for the path ahead — wherever it leads. So I decided to created new this platform with the aim of making it more User Friendly with an attractive appearance and can increase learning motivation when using this platform.

In terms of designing a product, there are several stages that need to be done. In this case study, the steps taken follow the basic stages in the design thinking process.

Approach and Deliverables

I coordinated and led all facets of UX design and strategy including - settings design goals and objectives, feature ideation and roadmapping, information architecture and user task flows and wireframing.


Having had previous experience in designing platforms from ground up, I worked independently alongside the CEO with occasional support from the internal developers.


To achieve our goal, we started analyzing different competitors and compiling all the results and records that helped us achieve different ideas and innovations within our product.


After the competitive analysis, we collated a list of features in the form of a Feature Roadmap. I created an exhaustive list of possible features and performed a cost impact analysis on them with the help of the CEO. This activity helped us find features with a low cost of implementation and high business and user impact. The goal was to implement features with 'Low cost High impact' and extremely essential 'High cost High Impact'.


Unfortunately I can't other about the project I worked on due to an NDA agreement with the client. Please free to contact me to hear more about my experience.


(LMS) Learning Management System - UIUX