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Vive Selfie

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A e-commerce platform focused platform that creates engagement to help members sell and earn revenue.


Vive Selfie is a Multi Level Company of Direct Selling products that aims to create extremely successful and business orientated people. Vive Selfie is about creating strong businesses,supporting people and providing a sustainable means for both our sellers and buyers.


Cultivating a distributor base goes beyond strategies and tactics. The evolution of a distributor is not just about the product but also about their mindset, their competitive edge, as well as their personal life experiences. There's no set timing or age for jumping in to affiliate marketing. But there are guidelines one can look at when trying to recruit other people into the business; from which we can determine how you should approach and reach out to potential distributors

Originally, I helped them build a website where members can signup for membership and purchase products. After a careful analysis of their website traffic sources, user behavior and visitor behavior along with the industry trend we suggested them to have a CRM where they can manage all their members, new signups and product sales.

The challenge I was given was to design a CRM that will help the business process. The product was not the issue, but rather how the company wished to build their distribution network. The target audience and the distribution network are important factors in any MLM, since all business depends on both, but they require careful analysis before they can be applied successfully.


I worked out a solution that could simultaneously educate and engage their distributors while keeping their customers satisfied with the products. It was no easy task to streamline a disengaged salesforce.

The CRM ecommerce platform I designed, concentrated on distributor engagement right from the onboarding phase throughout selling products and memberships. Introduce a distributor loyalty program module further accelerated their brand loyalty and engagement.

Rewards and loyalty module for members was tailor-made based on past customer data keeping in mind their pain points and brand expectations. The module improved brand trust and comparatively reduced the attrition rate. We simplified the purchase process with complete purchase and payment assistance with visual engagement tools integrated to eliminate confusion throughout their purchase process.

The ecommerce platform also had a series of digital tools that delivered an omnichannel customer experience making their ecommerce journey seamless and smooth. The CRM module integrated exclusively for ecommerce gathers data from across channels gifting a personalized purchase journey for their customers. This personalization capability improved their customer lifetime value giving the brand a much needed uplift.